A list of articles, blogs,interviews and posts written by or with Michael Armstrong.

Reading A Screen Play

Reproduced from the first collector's edition of Michael's first published screenplay: House of the Long Shadows, Michael advises the uninitiated or first-time reader how to approach his work or any film script for the first time. Click to find out how to go about Reading A Screen Play >>.

The Correct Perspective

This seminal essay was originally written to be included as part of the preface of Michael's published Screen Plays but was later removed due to editorial restrictions. This is perhaps Michael's most controversial, personal essay to date; challenging the current trends and 21st century attitudes towards the work of screen writers, the 'Auteur Theory' and the very future and treatment of the Screen Play as intellectual property belonging to that of the author and original Creative Artist.
Read: Michael Armstrong's most recent essay: The Correct Perspective >>.